Xulgoz( Property of sundewar) was once an ordinary orc warrior, retired after fighting the Second War, working as a Butcher. He had certain... cravings, but nothing threatening. One day, he found a massive carcass, odd in appearance, 6 limbs, two arms, four legs. He recognized a nearby skeleton, that of an orc. He sampled the meat of the massive carcass, and found it addictively tasty. He set up a small camp, where he slowly ate the carcass, little by little, over a couple of months. After the first month, he noticed that sharp, bony protrusions were growing from his body, mainly his back and forehead. He took no heed of this, and continued to eat the carcass.

After his second month, he noticed he had a craving for meat. He took no heed once again, and continued. When he finally finished the carcass, leaving nothing but bone, he did not look like the Xulgoz everyone once knew. His skin was still brown, but horn-like growths grew from his forehead and back, with claws of bone growing from his fingertips, as well as bony spikes sprouting from his knuckles. He started to return to his home, and tell of the legendary meat he had consumed. He met a human traveller, and felt... hungry. A voice told him to consume the human. He resisted the voice for a couple of days, but it got to him.

He pounced upon the next being he saw, ripping off his head, and devoured his flesh like a rabid animal. He had succumbed to the meat's dark magic. He was no longer the Xulgoz everyone once knew. He was Xulgoz, Butcher of Man. He crafted a cleaver made from steel and bone, with a human femur as the handle. With this bestial tool, he wandered off, into the forest, taking down anyone he encountered and devouring their flesh.

He decorates the forest with bags of the meat of his victims, on hooks hanging from the trees. After many years, his skin was covered in moss, red from the blood of his victims. It is said that only another taste of demon flesh can bring his civility back.

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