The World Of Warcraft news (WOW-N) is created by Gruntijackal. This Page will tell Fanon Users about whats going on in this Wikia. Please Let Gruntijackal know on his Talk Page if you have created an article or have became an administrator etc.


Since Creation Edit

Since it's beginning in February, two articles have been made. One of Which is Keith Ferrel by Mobtu4. Congratulations for making the first ever Article on World of Warcraft Fanon. World of Warcraft reports, the third article, was created yesterday. Scourge Invasion on Ewlyn, the fourth article, was also created yesterday.

Today (11th May, 2009) Edit

  • Nothing has happened today...yet.

Administrators Edit

No-one has been promoted to Administrator today yet, try again tommoro.

Since News Report Started Edit

  • World of Warcraft Report was invented
  • Keith Ferrel was noticed as the first article in the Wikia
  • Gruntijackal joined the Community
  • Scourge Invasion on Ewlyn became the 4th Article
  • Scourge Invasion on Ewlyn became the first feautured article on this wikia.
  • Temple of Moonglade became the 5th Article on this Wikia.
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