Tuskarr are a neutral race of walrus-like humanoids that are organically native to Northrend.


Prior to the Second War, a group of tuskarr separated from Kalu'ak tribe. These tuskarr longed for knowledge and culture, they immigrated across Northrend. Eventually traveled to an isle off the continent of Northrend called Tanu'ar Island and eventually forming the Tanu'ar Tribe. The intelligent and peaceful Tanu'ak tribe lived in peace for many years, being led by the Tusklord Un'ak. Until one day they were invaded by the taunka. The taunka killed many of the tuskarr and the survivors were captured and sold into slavery. The Tanu'ar slaves were boarded onto multiple ships headed for Kalimdor, until a Alliance and Horde ship captured the slaver ship and rescued many of the neglected tuskarr.

Choosing Alliance or Horde?Edit

Once you reach level 12 and get rescued by Horde or Alliance, you are forced to choose either faction. If you choose Alliance, you board the ship and head for Stormwind. If you choose Horde, you board a Horde Zeppelin and head to Orgrimmar. You meet up with Varian or Vol'jin and they welcome you into the Horde, you then do a short quest line, where the leaders of the Horde or Alliance welcome you into the Horde. You then help the tuskarr set up a small district on an island off the docks of Stormwind or a small district in the Valley of Strength.


Tuskarr have a long tradition of hunters, druids, warriors and shamans.

  • Shaman: Tuskarr have learned the class of shamanism, from travelers from other parts of Northrend and Azeroth.
  • Hunter: Tuskarr of the Tanu'ak tribe have had been training with the Condor ever since they separated from the Kalu'ak tribe. They have a strong respect for nature.
  • Druid: The tuskarr have mastered the art of druidism. Tuskarr have a high respect for nature and try to coexist with nature as much as they can.
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