I eyed the training dummy with caution. Although, I had perfected the concept channeling my fury in battle, I never felt it to be enough. No- I wanted to defeat any creature that dared bring harm to the safety of my home. What Warrior would I be if I cannot even protect these lands? Not a good one- I suppose would be the best answer.

In all honesty though, whispers of incoming Death Knights roamed now. My best friend, Scorch- a brilliant Night Elf with the powers of the Druid- even showed immense concern for the rumors. Knowing that woman, if she held honest concern, we should, too. I pray to whatever deity above that nobody else I cared about would be lost. I already took in Mialyn, sister of my good friend, Jessible, when the latter got captured by the Naga.

"It's not your fault, Soarra."

I whipped around, recognizing the gentle voice of Mialyn herself. Her kind voice startled me, yet I relaxed by the second. I must have dropped my sword in the depths of my thinking because it now rested on the dusty ground. Mialyn was a gentle Human girl. While Jessible had chosen the typical Priest life of a Human, Mialyn showed more fighting skill. In fact, she would learn how to become a Paladin in the next year.

"You worry about what you could, would, and should have done too much."

I simply shook my head. Despair gripped my heart, though I acknowledged that Mialyn was right. Everything would work out as meant to, and-

"Death Knights!"

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