Following a visiouce attack on Moonglade by the scourge, moonglade had begun to rebuild their once tranquil civilization. Many buildings were constructed including an over 100 foot temple. It's roof stood just above the mountain line of the forest. Though many ruins lay below it, the temple stands strong and unpenetrable. In the final days of the old moonglade, the construction of this building had begun. Being as the only building under construction in old moonglade at the time of it's desctruction, it was named the Temple of Old Moonglade.

Security Edit

Only High Ranking druids are even allowed to enter the sanctuary of Moonglade. The Security Druids will take the form of a Dire Bear, a Cat and a Spell Casting Flying Bird (Central Building). The Druids will have 15000 Health (level 80 Elite) and have 30000 Mana. They will not hesitate to incapacitate their enemy when damaged so they can heal themselves. Overall, facing these foes will be harder than thought.

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