The Swamp hags of the Swamplands are a faction of new playable hags that will join the Horde.


Long ago, the Swamp hags were unfinished creations by the titans within a pocket of the Emerald Dream. But there, they made themselves whole because of which you can dream, you can make. After the titans had shaped Azeroth, the Swamp hags created their own civilization in one fold of the Dream, basically a pocket universe, inside a greater hole.

When Malfurion Stormrage was educating new druids, one of his students, Kanethes Windseeker became lost in the Emerald Dream. When a soul travels to the Emerald Dream, they detach themselves from their bodies. Therefore, there is a great risk should they get lost in the dream, they might never awaken. Kanethes was a Highborne descendant and many Night elves grew suspicious over his constant sleep. Malfurion thought he became lost in the Emerald Dream. As it so happens, he was not lost and it was revealed that he went through a shrouded or darker area in the dream, which Malfurion had warned to stay away from long ago. Kanethes felt something different about this darker area; it didn't feel like it was dark, simply an illusion.


Like other sub-races of hags, the Swamp hags have a similar mixture of a goblin. These humanoids have all sorts of skin colors, although sometimes there are Swamp hags with mixed skin pigments but this is not so popular. Their height ranges from 5 to 6 feet.

Reasons for their ClassesEdit

  • Death Knight - While the Swamp hags remained hidden in the Swamplands near Ghostlands, exiled Swamp hags once encountered the Scourge and were raised as Death Knights when they were killed.
  • Hunter - Swamp hags enjoyed the wildlife in the Swamplands. When they joined the Horde, several groups of Swamp hags learned how to hunt and befriend beasts as companions and wonder through the plains to fight against their enemies.
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