Stuart Hewell is a male worgen who became one of the lords of Gilneas.



After infected and cured by the worgen curse, Stuart continued to serve his loyalty to Genn Greymane. He traveled to Tal'doren to convince Darius Crowley to join the battle against the Forsaken. Stuart was suspicious about Godfrey's reactions after he found out that Genn Greymane was a worgen. Eventually, he was captured by the Militia when Vincent planned to turn Genn over to the Forsaken. When players finish the quests for the area, he is able to offer a horse that will carry worgen to their next location: the Livery Outpost.

Stuart served in the Battle of Gilneas and fought against a number of Forsaken when Liam Greymane was killed by Sylvanas Windrummer. He was present in the funeral after bidding farewell to Liam, and left Gilneas. Stuart held hope that the Gilneans will return to Gilneas. He regrouped with Almyra, Celestine of the Harvest, and Vitus Darkwalker after the evacuation.

Retaking GilneasEdit

Later, Stuart eventually traveled to the Eastern Kingdoms to gather recruitments to retake Gilneas.

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