The Shadowglen tribe were a group of forest trolls under the rule of the chieftain Krag'jin who used Giant Sea Turtles in their fighting forces. They were situated along the River Arevass in the Silverpine Forest, where they had built several dams and set up homes up the river.


The Frozen ThroneEdit

During Malfurion and Illidan's joint attempt to save Tyrande Whisperwind and the Sentinels accompanying her, Illidan and his naga slew the Shadowglen Trolls in their way in order to make a faster route to the Undead Scourge base — which was besieging Tyrande's group. Krag'jin and other forest trolls died defending their dams.

Tree of NightmaresEdit

Believed to have been wiped out, it is revealed that the surviving Forest Trolls from the Shadowglen tribe remained hidden in the Tirisfal Grove. They are led Chieftain Rag'jin, the son of Krag'jin who survived the massacre from Illidan's forces.

The Shadowglen tribe plan to conquer the Tirisfal Grove, using many Thorns as slaves in order to rebuild weapons for their conflict.

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