Sentinel Hill is a People's Militia outpost in Westfall and their last stronghold in the region. It is here that the men and women of the People's Militia make their final stand against the Defias Brotherhood in a desperate last attempt to reclaim their homes.


In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Sentinel Hill will be reinforced with stone walls and new towers. It will be almost completely enclosed, and the inn will finally have its roof repaired.

Tree of NightmaresEdit

In the Tree of Nightmares, Sentinel Hill will be fully protected and remodeled when the wall has been built, making the area much bigger. The area will contain a new village and several camps for hundreds of Westfall civilians to have money, food, and wealth under King Anduin Wrynn's order. Many Westfall workers and artians will have their jobs back and continue their new part by finishing the rest of Sentinel Hill. Many members from the Defias Brotherhood will join the Alliance and serve as new recruits for the People's Militia. An Auction House and a Bank will be made as well, with new stables around the area.

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