Melinda Hammond is a worgen female found within the cellar of the Allen Farmstead in Gilneas.


Infected by the CurseEdit

After leaving her children under the care of Mary Oxworth, she traveled with Lorna Crowley, and seven female Gilneans to the Eastern Kingdoms to meet up with Lord Stuart Hewell and Tobias Mistmantle in Duskwood. However, the group were suddenly attacked by a pack of Nightbane worgen. They were overwhelmed, and became worgen themselves.

Soon afterward, they were all captured by Sven Yorgen who managed to put them into a deep sleep, allowing the Darkshire civilians to capture them. Melinda, along with Lorna and the worgen, were cured. Melinda was sad about what she became, fearing that her children would hate her. Tobias comforted her, while Lorna had a vision that Gilneas was going to be restored again.

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