Losels are a mysterious wild race that live in Trilland Mountains, Maerylore.


In the Trilland Mountains, Losels are tribal creatures that largely keep to themselves, deferring to stronger creatures when forced to interact with them. Their fur color can either be white, gray, or dark. They are loosely territorial, using scent markings and scratches in bark to define the boundaries of their lands. Competing tribes of losels may fight one another, but more often they are content with ritual combat between their leaders involving feigned aggression and exchanges of insults.


Losels have no recorded religion, but their tribes have hunters, shamans, or warriors.


Losels speak a crude form of Orcish that is difficult for other speakers of that tongue to understand. They can also communicate with animals, including baboons.


Losels are a cross between an orc and baboon. They somewhat resemble as hairy orcs, but with ape-like features. They are more stooped than orcs, but can walk upright. Their culture and society is similar in many aspects. For the most part, Losels are primitive, nomadic hunter-gatherers who have little interest in anything but their own survival and stay away from all other races. If they are threatened, they can be highly aggressive, tossing stones and spears.

Known Losel tribesEdit

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