Laestrygonians are a race of large and wild humanoids that live in the and of Lortheron and several places in Maerylore. Known to be intelligent, they will join the Horde when they made friends with the Orcs that survived Draenor's destruction.


The Laestrygonians lived peacefully in the northern-eastern part of Lortheron while the Arimaspians lived in the southern-western area. While the Arimaspians were increasing their civilization, the Laestrygonians started to hate them since they believed that they were stealing part of their land. In order to prevent them from moving far into their civilization, the Laestrygonians opened war against them and destroyed half of the Arimaspian's civilization. The Arimaspians fought back and drove them back to their area.

After the Laestrygonians finished building their capital city named Lamogones, Draenor began to shatter due to the Dark Portal. Maerylore was able to survive due to the Ethereal's protection. Eventually, the Laestrygonians encountered the surviving Orcs that moved north. The Laestrygonians decided to welcome them and give them sanctuary since they believed that they can ally them in defeating the Arimaspians. The Orcs shared their knowledge with the Laestrygonians and together, they shared their civilization while the Arimaspians shared their civilization with the Draenei.


First to appear in World of Warcraft: Deceiver, the Laestrygonians will join the Horde as new recruits in fighting the Arimaspians and the Alliance.


The Laestrygonians resemble humans, but they more different since they range to 10 feet in adulthood. Their culture and society is very primitive and they are meant to be intelligent.


The Laestrygonian's language is common, but they also learned some Orcish from their new friends of the Horde.

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