The Krinth, once an exiled orc clan of Uru, are now Blackhood monstrosities that dwell in the Coast of Bones.


Early historyEdit

When the Shadow Council was first created by Gul'dan, Ner'zhul was contacted by the mysterious Uru clan leader, Zarul. Zarul wanted to rejoin the Shadowmoon clan. However, Ner'zhul warned Zarul and his clan, who haven't been secret for so long to not be corrupted by the Burning Legion, to flee. He won them from the Shadow Council and their intentions for the Orc race did not want this to happen to them. They did as told and hid in a uncharted point on Draenor that they called Mordalan. Shortly before the creation of the Dark Portal, the Uru clan were contacted by an ancient evil. They all heard the whispers: You are in danger. Your land will crumble. You will all die. The Uru clan feared for their lives. They didn't know what to do until they heard another whisper: We could offer you an escape. The Uru clan, now desperate for their lives, agreed to their offer. When Draenor was shattered, Mordalan was broken off from the world, and then swallowed by darkness. The Uru clan were protected by the Old God's power, and they began to transform themselves. They were known as the Krinth, servants to their Old God.

Rise of the Blackhood CrusadeEdit

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