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Isachaar Clearshadow
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Isachaar Clearshadow
Vital statistics
Title Agent
Gender Male
Race Night Elf
Faction Alliance, SI:7
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Isachaar Clearshadow is a Night Elf Druid and SI:7 Agent. The son of Zyruss Clearshadow, a healer, and Krasia Clearshadow (maiden name Greenmaker), a skinner, he grew up in Darnassus, the capital city of the Night Elves.

Early LifeEdit

Isachaar was born in Darnassus, son of a healer and a skinner. He grew up as a curious and nimble child, able to climb trees swiftly and move quickly. He had a love for animals, something most Night Elves share, and admired the grace and cunning of the wild beings. At this early age, he made the decision of becoming a druid.


Isachaar, at the age of 12, was accepted as the apprentice of a druid named Coadfin Leafear. He was a natural, and soon, at 14, he learned the art of becoming an animal. His first was a bear. He conquered the feat easily, and ached for more. At the age of 15, a year before most students, he learned the ways of the cheetah and, a few weeks later, a sea lion. And, at the age of 17, the art of the cat was taught and learned.

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