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Illithids are a cruel race of octopus-like creatures that inhabit the underwater land of Merderland.


Living deep in Merderland, the Illithids were hermaphroditic creatures that lived to be intelligent. Very sensitive to the sunlight when they come out of sea, the Illithids couldn't stand the sunlight, but they only stay underwater.

While the Aquatic eladrins were forming their civilization, the Illithids became aggressive and cruel since they believed that they were stealing their area. This was when a strange creature landed deep into the ocean. The creature was revealed to be an Old God known as the Elder Brain. The Illithids believed he was a god, and they offered their service and loyalty.

Under the Elder Brain's rule, the Illithids battled against the Aquatic eladrins, but they were overwhelmed too much, and they were forced to fall back. The Illithids never gave up, and they were able to learn a lot ways to engage their enemies. They built a huge city named Ulithar, temples, and a throne for their dark master. Learning all sorts of magic, including necromancy, the Illithids would create the Alhoon, undead experiments created to do their will. They sent many to attack the Aquatic eladrins, but they were all destroyed by their power. The Illithids decided to wait their time to attack the Aquatic eladrins and one day have their power to destroy them.

When the Burning Legion invaded, the Illithids remained underwater while the planet was nearly close to corruption. The Illithids never fought against the demonic legion while other races were fighting against them.


For their society in Merderland, the city of Ulithar is ruled by the Elder Brain who is revealed to be an Old God, the first of the Illithids. The Illithids worship him as their eternal god. The Elder Brain in turn can communicate telepathically with anyone in its community, issuing orders and ensuring everyone conforms.

Illithids generally frown upon magic, preferring to learn necromancy for their master. Many attend to be Mages for their fresh start and connect their powers with the Elder Brain. However, but when a Mage dies, the Elder Brain cannot absorb their power. They tolerate a limited study of wizardry, if only to better understand the powers employed by their enemies. Many Illithids never a take risk by becoming mages to merge with the Elder Brain. Instead, they would become Warriors and protectors of Ulithar.


Illithids have a basically humanoid body, but their head is octopus-like. They have four tentacles around a lamprey-like mouth, and require to eat fish as part of their diet. However, they are meant to be cruel and vicious to other races and attend to take power. Their eyes are pale white, and they can see perfectly well in both darkness and light. Their sense of hearing is slightly poorer and have difficulty distinguishing between several sounds mixed together. Their skin is purplish blue and they are very sensitive to sunlight.

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