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Hybsils are a race of centauroid creatures that are half-humanoid, half-antelope.



Hybsils lived peacefully in the world of Argus before Burning Legion invaded the planet. More than six Hybsil tribes remained separate through Othoran: the, Arrowleaf tribe, Brownhorn tribe, Darkthorn tribe, Ramkhan tribe, Snowrock tribe, and Suntalon tribe.

Burning Legion's invasionEdit

When the Burning Legion invaded Argus, all the Hybsil tribes remained separate across Othoran. The Hybsils from the Arrowleaf tribe remained peacefully with the Wood eladrins of Telathar. Together, they joined forces when they heard Tyro's call and allied the Prophets of the Sun and the Guardians of the Moon, along with other races that survived the corruption and fought against the Burning Legion for moe than ten thousand years.

Hybsils from the Brownhorn tribe remained hidden in Feyland during the war against the Burning Legion. The Sun eladrins gave their blessings to them in order to protect themselves from corruption and protect their land from demonic legion. For a while, they encountered uncorrupted Satyrs (that were turned into Fauns). The Brownhorn tribe joined forces with Fauns and remained peaceful together.

The Ramkhan tribe from Aaslar Desert, the Snowrock tribe from Kaarinos, and the Suntalon tribe from Sunildra were the only neutral tribes that allied the Prophets of the Sun and the Guardians of the Moon in order to protect themselves from corruption, however, the only tribe that encountered the Burning Legion was corrupted: The Darkthorn tribe. The Darkthorn tribe became loyal servants to the Demons and fought in various conflicts against their kind and other races through Othoran.


In the World of Warcraft: Deceiver, the Arrowleaf and Brownhorn tribe join the Alliance along with the Fauns and Wood eladrins that allied them for nearly ten thousand years.

The other tribes will remain neutral while they face against the corrupted Hybsils from Darkthorn tribe and their dark masters.


A hybsil appears as a creature with a antelope's body and legs and with a humanoid's torso, arms, and head (with horns) extending from the front part of where a horse neck and head would normally be placed. These humanoids stand over seven feet tall from hooves to head and weighs over a ton. They are described to be very beautiful as a male or female.



Hybsils speak Low Common and Common.

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