Hamadryads are a race of beautiful tree-like humanoids that live in Telathar, Torilaar, Dranora, and Sunildra. These beings are one of the most important ones in society and share a friendship to the Wood eladrins, Sun eladrins, and Moon eladrins in Othoran. They assist any race or ally with guidance, education, and protection. Like the Ancients on Azeroth, they are large and powerful, and are protectors of the forest.


Different then the Ancients, the Hamadryads closely resemble humans, but their entire body is oak (in any different color) and their eyes glow either blue, green, purple, or yellow. Hamadryads stand between 20 - 25 feet in size.

Part of the Alliance, some Hamadryads patrol in several areas. A hamadryad may watch intruders, perhaps moving in secret to dog their path. If the outsiders do nothing to harm the forest or nature's balance, the hamadryad leaves them alone.

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