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The Half-draenei is second neutral playable race for both Alliance and Horde. These species are a cross between a Draenei and an Orc. When they reach level 15, they will choose either the Alliance or Horde.


The Half-draenei were offsprings to the Orcs and Draenei on the planet Draenor. Before the shattering of Draenor, more than a thousand Half-draenei began to move north during a conflict between their Draenei and Orc ancestors. These half-breed refused to fight against both races and couldn't be involved in any war or conflict.

Traveling far north to the land of Korulai, the Half-draenei began to set out their new home until they encountered the Ethereals from Etheral City, the heart of the land. The Ethereals believed that they were pure Draenei, but they later discovered that they were not. The Half-draenei were offered sanctuary by the Ethereals and they would continue creating more Half-draenei offsprings.

When Draenor was about to break and destroy everything, the Half-draenei of Korulai were about to meet their end until the Ethereals used a powerful spell from the Naaru to protect Korulai and the entire continent. However, it is revealed the the Draenei and Orcs were able to find the hidden continent after the world was shattered.

Years later, many of the surviving Draenei and Orcs joined the Alliance and Horde after both factions found the hidden continent on Draenor. The Half-draenei remained separate across Korulai until they were discovered by Garona Halforcen and a group of Orcs from the Horde. Half of the population decided to join the Horde while other half were led by Eden Morgonos. While the Alliance Draenei arrived to Korulai, Eden and his people join the Alliance.


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