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Gorgons are a legendary race that live in the coldest area of Trilland Mountains, Maerylore.


Described to snake-like in appearance, Gorgons appear to be formed from stone, but they are living creatures. Since they have a similarity to the Naga, these creatures stand on two legs. These beasts were rare, living deep beneath the northern rugged mountain peaks of Trilland, enjoying the polar chill of high mountains and distant snow-covered plains. However, these creatures are hostile towards anyone who enters their territory.


The original Gorgons were from Greek mythology. They were known to be Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale, daughters Phorcys and Ceto. Since these monstrous Gorgons turn living things into stone in Greek mythology, the ones in World of Warcraft don't have that kind of power since they are made out of stone.

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