Fekkalids are a race of brutish, quadruped humanoids inhabiting much of the Eastern Kingdoms.


Prior to the Sundering, Mogu shaped goblins to brutish and ape-like creatures for living tanks. Soon after the Pandaren Revolution, the remaining fekkalids escaped their Mogu master and fled to the Eastern Kingdom. They formed multiple tribes, very hostile towards outsiders, until Prince Anduin Wrynn convinced the Shadowash Clan to join the Alliance.


Despite being created from goblin, they distantly resemble goblins. They walk on all four, with skin colors ranging from green, blue, brown, black, red and white. Similar to goblins though, they have large bat-like ears. Fekkalids stand about 10ft tall. These bulldog-ish humanoids have four tusks, two larger pairs and a smaller pair. They are very muscular in build and usually wear limited clothing.

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