Eragosh is a lush forest north of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. The land borders around Quel'Thalas, East Plaguelands, and West Plaguelands in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. It is the land least affected by the crystalline shards. Eragosh is the home of the exiled Eredar that remained hidden from the Burning Legion, and building an enchanted capital city named Erador.

Eragosh will serve as the starting location for the Horde-aligned Eredar in the Rise of the Blackhood expansion.


Very little history is known of Eragosh. Not often discovered by any travelers for centuries. This is also the reason why the other races have not yet noticed the crashed dimensional ship that lies scattered across the land before the cataclysm started. The land was used as a set of bases and outposts for the surviving Eredar that fled the corruption of Sargeras and the Burning Legion.

Some civilization did exist on the land before the Eredar arrived. The land was once populated with a hidden race known as the Fatlings. In addition, the Fatlings lived peacefully in their land until the Eredar landed on the planet, destroyed most of their civilization centuries ago. The Fatlings were enraged, and led a war against the Eredar when rebuilt the capital city of Erador. The fight lasted for centuries during the cataclysm, and the battle ended.


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