Arcane Elves Edit

The arcane elves or arcanus'dorei in the elven language,are a proud race of Highbourne elves who have a thirst for magic and power. These elves have aligned themselves with the LichKing Arthas and by doing this he in return rewarded them with new ways to satisfy and control their thirst for magic and power. They are nearly unstoppable and are masters of all magic. Their leader the ArchMagister,Bane,now sits atop Ebon Hold's tallest tower where he conducts dark magical experiments. They have recently discovered a new magic known as chaos magic,which they use to inflict never ending pain and destruction across the land.

Glacial Elves Edit

The glacial elves are race of elves who live in Northrend. They have pale white skin and wear cloth and leather clothing an armor. They are masters of frost and life giving magic. These elves are druidistic in nature an can often be seen in the form of a white-furred bear that's twice the size of a normal bear. Many of these elves have fallen prey to the corruption of the LichKing,but they stand defiant and stay as secretive as possible. The ArchDruid,RageClaw,is currently away defending the cave city of Dwenil,so it is up to the high druids to protect the villages and colonies of the glacial elves.

Exiled OnesEdit

There is little known about the exiles,except that dwell mainly in the Eastern Kingdom.

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