Coal Goblins are a subrace of goblins that were nasty, cruel, and vicious.


Early HistoryEdit

Long ago, when the original Goblins were native from the Isle of Kezan, the Coal goblins remained neutral where they inhabited on the Islands of Coalda. Since the goblins grew their intelligence, the Coal goblins were less intelligent. The Coal goblins hated the Kezan Goblins since they had higher resources then them. The natives from Kezan tried to open peace talks between them. The Coal goblins refused, but they were pleased how the local jungle trolls took power and used the goblins as slaves. The enslavement didn't last long and the Coal goblins were furious that the trolls have failed their power.

However, their islands would soon be invaded by the underwater Naga. The Coal goblins believed that the Naga would serve them as allies in order to plan a war against the Goblins of Kezan. However, the Naga only obeyed Queen Azshara, and attacked the Coal goblins for control over the islands. Under the leadership of Gizzle Coalmind, the Coal goblins tried to expand their knowledge fast, and were able to create technology to drive the Naga away. The Coal goblins battleed against their invaders, and killed as many in order to drive the rest back into the sea. The Coal goblins were successful, but this was when they heard a strange voice in their heads that war would come to them, and their home will crumble. Gizzle believed it was a trick, and ordered his people not to fear the voice in their head. The Coal goblins followed their leader's command and continued to reproduce their brilliant technology.


It was told that the Coal goblins suffered a major earthquake from their islands, and they were forced to evacuate, due to the damage. Under their leadership of Cazghoul Coalmind, the Coal goblins didn't leave from their islands, but they would plan to open war against the Alliance and Horde.

When all the Goblins left Kezan and joined the Horde, the Coal goblins travaled north to retake parts from the island until they faced against the Jungle trolls. The Jungle trolls planned to eliminate the Coal goblins, but Cazghoul ordered his forces to attack. The Coal goblins were able to overwhelm the enemy, and forcing the remaining trolls back into the jungle.

Tree of NightmaresEdit

The Coal goblins decided to plan their full invasion assault on the Goblins from Kezan. They were able to locate their secret location in Azshara. The Coal goblins led their attack on Bilgewater Harbor, but the Goblins already fled with all their resources, leaving several parts behind. The Coal goblins took over the harbor, naming Coal Harbor.

The original Goblins were able to return to the Lost Isles, and build a huge capital named Bilgewater City.

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