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The Chevalier, circa 4 AE.

Bellamy's Chevalier, known more commonly as the Chevalier, is a heavy warship that currently flies the colors of the Kingdom of Azurmar. It is the second strongest vessel in the fleet as of 15 AC.

Originally commissioned as the Sea Butterfly, the vessel served as a civilian icebreaker and transport; it most commonly went on voyages between Stormwind and various ports on the Northrend continent. By 5 AE, two years after its maiden voyage, it was converted into a long distance patrol vessel for the Stormwind Navy, tasked with patrolling the southern polar waters. After half a decade, the ship was gifted to the fledgling Kingdom of Azurmar, along with a newly built warship, at which point it was renamed "Bellamy's Chevalier."

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