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The denizens of Azeroth have come to almost universally accept a single system of measuring time, known simply as the Azerothic Calendar. The central point used to measure years is the Cataclysm event, the beginning of which marks 0 AC (after Cataclysm). Events preceding this point are organized into the BC (before Cataclysm) period. Furthermore, each year is divided into twelve months, fifty-four weeks, and, lastly, 378 days.



One year
  • II Frost — 4 weeks (7 days per week)
  • III Frost — 5 weeks
  • I Rise — 4 weeks
  • II Rise — 5 weeks
  • III Rise — 4 weeks
  • I Bliss — 5 weeks
  • II Bliss — 4 weeks
  • III Bliss — 5 weeks
  • I Harvest — 4 weeks
  • II Harvest — 5 weeks
  • III Harvest — 4 weeks
  • I Frost — 5 weeks


A typical date is written in a month day, year-notation; for example, if the day in question is the fifth day of the first month of the eighteenth year, it would be written as II Frost 5th, 18 AC.