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Arimaspians are legendary race of one-eyed humanoids that in Scytha Mountain, located in the southern-western end of Lortheron. Along with their Draenei allies, they will all join the Alliance while their enemies, known as the Laestrygonians, join the Horde.


Originally from Draenor, Arimaspians were one of the surviving races during the time of the shattering. Due to their intelligence, the Arimaspians lived peacefully in the land of Lortheron and built a huge capital city inside Scytha Mountain (in which they name it as their capital).

During the time of the First War when the Ogres were brought through the Dark Portal, the Arimaspians remained hidden throughout Lortheron, including other lands that border around Maerylore. While the Arimaspians finished their construction and continued to build settlements, they were confronted by the Laestrygonians. The Laestrygonians believed that the Arimaspians were stealing their land, and they attempted to take it all back. The Arimaspians fought against the Laestrygonians, and they were successful in driving them back to the north. The Laestrygonians didn't give up, and they one day recliam this land for themselves.

When the Dark Portal collapsed and tore through Draenor., the Arimaspians believed it was the end, but this when the Ethereals that remained in Maerylore, were able to protect the continent to prevent the land from shattering. The Arimaspians were proud to be safe and continued their civilization until they were all visited by the Draenei that moved north to Maerylore. The Arimaspians shared their knowledge with the Draenei and both races became noble friends.


The Arimaspians are set to appear in World of Warcraft: Deceiver, the sixth expansion in the World of Warcraft. When many of the Draenei that remained in Maerylore, received news about Argus' survival, they joined the Alliance to serve as recruits to Velen and Talgath. The Arimaspians were quite interested about this faction until they discovered that their long-time enemies have joined forces with the Horde. Hoping to protect themselves with the Draenei and other allies from any world, the Arimaspians were welcomed to the Alliance.



Arimaspians usually speak Low Common. They are highly intelligent ones may speak Common or other languages that they learn from their new friends.


There is a great variety in the Arimaspians. Their average is 10 feet when they reach adulthood and their skin tones range in color from shades of peach to light. They are also described to be beautiful in a way since they look a little similar to a human. While they gain their strength, Arimaspians are fast, strong, and highly intelligent humanoids that can easily take down an enemy with their bare hands or silvery axes.

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