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Aquatic eladrins (also known as the Keepers of the Sea) are water-breathing sub-race of eladrins that are neutral allies to the Prophets of the Sun and the Guardians of the Moon.


Aquatic eladrins were one of the sub-races of eladrins that inhabited in the largest, underwater land named Merderland. Always kept themselves somewhat apart from land, the Aquatic eladrins began to form separate communities, but they decided to stay close together in Merderland and create an underwater city named Alusir.

After building their civilization, Aquatic eladrins have had a somewhat warlike history when they encountered Illithids. The Aquatic eladrins fought against these invaders, preventing them from destroying their civilization. The Aquatic eladrins were successful by driving them off, but they feared that they would return and invaded Merderland.

When Sargeras arrived to the planet and spoke with Velen, Kil'Jaeden, and Archimonde, the Aquatic eladrins received a message from another sub-race of eladrins, known as the Sun eladrins about an invasion coming towards the planet. The Aquatic eladrins accepted the Sun eladrins and the Moon eladrins as close allies, and together, they would fight against the Burning Legion.

As the war started, Tyro Winvar, the supreme leader of the Prophets of the Sun, discovered a way how to heal the corruption, but this would require the cooperation from the Aquatic eladrins and the Guardians of the Moon in ways that they never thought they would have to.



Although they are of the same sub-race of eladrins, but these humanoids are slightly different then the other eladrins. They closely resemble as humans, but their skin color is blue, with white strips and patches. Their hair is usually thick and somewhat stringy, and can be blue, black silver or even occasionally red. Their sizes range to at least 10 feet tall then other sub-races. The most unusual feature is the gills visible in their necks and over their ribs.

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